We can take ourselves in a fresh direction at any stage of life.

Hey, I'm Sherilyn Palmer, an illustrator and artist living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

For the last twenty years I've worked in a "sensible job" until I decided to pursue my creative interests more seriously.  Now at forty something (and much persistence) I work as an illustrator and artist with a special interest in people, eco fashion, travel, the natural world and thoughtful living. Put simply - I see inspiration for art everywhere. 

My style of art has a playful and feminine feel that combines confident brushwork with the expressive potential of watercolour.  Sometimes I work with other mediums to keep things fresh.  Being spontaneous and free in my approach is important so I can capture the feel and vibe of a subject quickly + simply.  This fits perfectly with my busiest role in life - being a mum. 

Outside of art, I still choose to work part-time in my "sensible job" as an Oncology Research Nurse.  I'm not quite ready to let go of being a nurse just yet, especially given the inspiration and perspective the connections i make through this work brings. 

Have you got a creative project you want to bring to life?

Then lets talk,

Sherilyn x


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